Madison Jazz Jam

An Educational Jam for All Ages and Abilities

Welcome to Madison Jazz Jam! Jam sessions are generally held the first Saturday of each month at Cafe Coda, and the third Wednesday of each month at COPA. However it’s best to check our events page for the current schedule of upcoming jams.

How it Works

Who is the jam for?

  • Instrumentalists and vocalists: Jazz improvisers of all ages and talents are welcome at Madison Jazz Jam. We are a community gathering and we want to hear from you!
  • Audience: Jazz appreciators who want to hear good music.


How do you know what to play?

Musicians sign up at the jam and indicate what songs they wish to play with the band. Blues in any key is a welcome place to begin or typical jazz standards from the Real Books. At times we may not be able to accommodate all who wish to play a particular song, so it is a good idea to prepare one or two alternate tunes.

Do minors need adult accompaniment?


Tips for vocalists:

Try to know which key you would like to sign in. Because instrumentalists commonly play jazz standards in one or two particular keys, and because vocalists may feel most comfortable singing in keys that the house band may consider “nonstandard” it will be helpful if you can let the band know your preferred key so they can adjust to best support you. If you plan to sing a song with a written arrangement, try to bring 3 copies of your sheet music so our house bands can familiarize themselves with it. But if you don’t have sheet music, don’t worry – our bands can play anything!

Welcome to Madison Jazz Jam!

Join us if you are an aspiring jazz musician, pro or even a fan interested in learning and listening to jazz. The Events page lists session dates and house band members.

We are here to play!

Our state is equipped with a full PA with mics, a pro-level electric piano, drum set and guitar and bass amps. In general it’s best to bring your own instruments beyond those provided, and any portable gear you feel you may need.

We provide music stands, and we keep several Real Books on hand for jammers to use each week.